Video evidence is a powerful vehicle for justice.

We are strengthening the ability of attorneys to analyze this crucial data with our evidence management software. 

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Video transcripts at fraction of the cost and time

Over 80% of criminal cases involve video evidence, but the vast majority of attorneys struggle to find time to review all the footage. Users report JusticeText provides them 30 to 50% in time savings.

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Automatically sync transcript text with video files

Our automated transcripts synchronize with media files so you can jump to relevant sections of the video with a single click.

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Change hard-to-hear sections with our accuracy heat map

Our accuracy heat map helps you easily identify sections of video with poor audio quality so you can perfect the automated transcript in our interactive editor.

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Keep a record of key moments with annotations

Make notes right alongside your transcript to highlight important sections of the video for future reference.

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Features our customers love 💜

Some of our fan-favorite features are specifically designed to expedite the pre-trial preparation process. Our video editing suite allows you to create clips on the fly, and the presentation mode allows for a smoother in-trial experience.

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Store, analyze, and share video all in one centralized platform

Our platform supports transcriptions in 10 languages. Export the transcript as a well-formatted Word document and download the video clips in MP4 format to share with colleagues and clients.

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Together we are stronger

We love to hear back from our users on how JusticeText has helped them.

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  • "It's so easy to reference all my discovery and just keep it in front of me, as opposed to the old process which was unnecessarily cumbersome. Using JusticeText is a huge cut down of unnecessary logistical barriers to preparing your case."

  • “JusticeText minimizes the time I need to spend going back through videos and transcripts. The software does a really good job of capturing the content of the videos. In fact, I’ll often grab quotes from the transcripts to put into motions that I’m preparing.”

  • "It allows us to do better work and more work for each of our clients because we don't have to focus so much on listening to videos and jail calls for hours at a time. We have a case with well over 100 jail calls, and using JusticeText has given us a way to decide which ones are important more quickly."

  • "Access to police body camera is a struggle in and of itself. But when you do have it, it’s gold. If I don’t transcribe a body camera, I’ve seen situations in which someone might misstate or misquote what actually happened. That’s why JusticeText is a really incredible tool."

  • "I like the speed with which we can review body cam and pole cam recordings. It gives us the ability to do a word search and jump to that part of the video so quickly and to be able to clip sections for presentations in the office. JusticeText is intuitive and easy to use."

    Melody Brannon, Federal Public Defender
  • “The program was super helpful for me to make notes every time something caught my eye that I wanted to jump back into or make a clip of. I know this is going to be extremely helpful for trial prep coming up for a homicide we have where there are endless bodycams and witness statements.”

    Hayley Albright, Investigator

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