Audiovisual evidence is a powerful vehicle for justice.

We are strengthening the ability of public defenders to analyze this crucial data with our evidence management software. 

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How It Works

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    Upload audiovisual evidence

    Upload body camera footage, interrogation videos, courtroom proceedings, and jail calls up to four hours in length to our online platform.

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    Generate an automated transcript

    Our service generates an automated transcription of the uploaded evidence, notifying you immediately upon completion. 

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    Edit, analyze, and export the transcript

    Use our interactive editor to make edits, take notes, create video clips, and export the generated transcript.

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Product Features

The JusticeText platform is specifically designed to expedite the pre-trial preparation experience.

  • Speaker recognition

    We are able to automatically identify when different individuals are speaking in the video.

  • Accuracy heat map

    The application indicates which transcribed phrases have low confidence scores to assist with the editing process.

  • Timestamped notes

    Each note entry is timestamped to correspond to a specific point in the video.

  • Export file

    Easily export the transcript as a well-formatted Word Document or video clips in MP4 format for later use.

  • Video clipping

    Generate clips of video evidence for use in trial by highlighting the relevant section of the transcript.

  • Multi-language support

    Our platform support 30+ different languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, and German.

Over 80% of criminal cases involve video evidence. But the vast majority of public defenders struggle to find time to review all the footage.

We are working to change that.

What People Say

  • "It has been nearly 5 months and the transcript of the video is still not complete. Meanwhile, my client’s appeal is stalled. Your software seems like the perfect solution to this problem and a big step in the right direction to increase efficiencies and fairness in the courts."

    Marilena David-Martin, Deputy Director
  • "Itʼs a truly fantastic, functional tool for us. ​ Itʼs really the ability to analyze and digest video that weʼve been sorely lacking forever, and the problem was only getting worse until this came along."

    Joel Simberg, Chief of Trial Technology

Our pilot partner agencies

  • We have worked with public defenders since day 1.
  • We are piloting the JusticeText platform across 5 states.
  • Our partners collectively serve over 1.4 million low-income Americans.

We are looking for additional public defense agencies to pilot our software with.

The JusticeText team is building our software in direct collaboration with public defenders, tailoring our product to our users' unique set of needs and challenges. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please reach out to or schedule a demo below.

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