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Case Studies

Attorneys across the country are using JusticeText to improve case outcomes. Read about their stories below.

Surfacing critical evidence buried within hours of footage

Sam Allison-Natale, Chief of the Kansas Holistic Defenders, leveraged JusticeText to secure an acquittal in a DUI case.

Sam case study

Challenging opposing narratives in trial

Kameron Johnson, former Chief of the Travis County Juvenile Defender's Office, used JusticeText in preparation for a murder trial.

Kameron spotlight (8)

Uncovering evidence of police misconduct

Jessa Nicholson Goetz found evidence that the lead detective had intentionally destroyed critical evidence buried within hours of body-worn camera footage.

Jessa case study

Building a digital-first legal practiceCharleston, SC

"Tools like JusticeText maximize your productivity and allow you to focus on what you’re actually good at, analytical thought, instead of rote transcription."

Saving 15+ hours on a single caseNew York, NY

"JusticeText has saved me more than 15 hours on my current case alone, and I’m generally working on 15-20 cases at a time. The savings add up very quickly."

Transcribing police interrogationsDurham, NC

"It's really nice to have an organization that is specifically looking at what helps us as defense attorneys for indigent defendants."

Our partnership with the Harris County Public Defender's Office

Learn how we are transforming criminal justice outcomes in the third largest county in America.

Customer Love 💜

We love hearing how our partners are using JusticeText to strengthen their advocacy.

Public defender in California

I am loving the platform. It has been incredibly helpful for me to sort through body worn camera videos efficiently. Also, it was a great help for me in evaluating Spanish language videos. 

Public defender in Kentucky

JusticeText has been amazing! I was prepping for a trial with a police interrogation and court hearing video. JusticeText helped me find a vital piece of information and easily clip that section.

Investigator in Florida

I can't tell you how many impeachments we have used it for. It's so helpful to show someone the transcript or find the moment where what they just said on the stand doesn't match up.

Attorney in Wisconsin

Overall, your product has saved me gobs and gobs of time. I am also wildly impressed with the customer service - specifically with the fact that y'all reach out to me just for the sheer heck of it!