Case Studies

Attorneys across the country are using JusticeText to improve case outcomes. Read about their stories below.

Orange county courthouse Orange county courthouse

How a Chapel Hill attorney used JusticeText to expedite the review of discovery in high-level criminal cases

"I'm usually adapting a tool met broadly for law firms with lots of money or the police department or the prosecutor. It's really nice to have an organization that is specifically looking at what helps us as defense attorneys for indigent defendants. 

When you consider the course of an entire case, JusticeText minimizes the time I need to spend going back through videos and transcripts. The software does a really good job of capturing the content of the videos. In fact, I’ll often grab quotes from the transcripts to put into motions that I’m preparing."

Kellie Mannette, Criminal Defense Attorney
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How a Texas legal aid attorney uses JusticeText to cut discovery review time in half

“I used to have to do two passes through any video and audio discovery. JusticeText allows me to do just one pass through the content, cutting the amount of time that I spend on review in half. 

Discovery is something you never get away from. At every point of the case you’re working with discovery, whether it’s advising a client about options, or you’re negotiating, or you’re getting ready for trial. JusticeText has been so helpful during these processes.” 

Tanairi Alcaraz, Public Defender